Wear lipstick and add color and gloss to your lips.

Wearing lipstick complements your makeup and adds definition to your face. Often, your makeup decides the shade of lipstick to wear and at other times, the occasion and time of day determines this.

Whereas glossy lipsticks gives your lips a sheen, matte lipsticks gives you a more understated and natural  look. These lipsticks aren’t glossy and are beneficial to you in several ways, such as:

They stay longer on your lips: Not only do they stay longer than glossy lipsticks, they also blend well with your lips. One stroke of matte lipstick is enough for a day, so you don’t need to touch up your lips, thus making it good value for your money.

They add elegance: Matte lipsticks add elegance to your face and give you a graceful look.

Matte lipsticks are smudge-free: These lipsticks do not spread but stay for a whole day. Since they don’t spread, you needn’t wipe your lips often.

They are stick-free: When your lipstick comes in contact with your expensive clothes, it does not stick to it and stain it.

They have a universal use: They can be teamed up with all kinds of makeup and are therefore universal in use, besides being easy to wear.

Wear them in all seasons: They give you a natural look in all seasons and are not easily removed by sweat. Also, they don’t cause your lips to heat up.

Your only makeup:  These lipsticks come in bold shades, so quite often they can be your only makeup, particularly if you’re short of time.

How to wear matte lipstick

Prepare your lips: To prepare your lips, you need to first create a smooth skin surface. For this, use an old toothbrush to brush over your lips. Now, apply a moisturizing balm on your lips and blot away any excess moisturizer using a tissue so your lipstick doesn’t slip. Five minutes later, apply your matte lipstick.

Moisturize your lips: By having moisturised lips, you can successfully wear matte lipstick all day long. This is because matte formulas do not contain as much moisture as glossy lipsticks.

No need for a lip liner: You don’t need to wear a lip liner so that your pout is in check because matte lipsticks don’t run.

Apply your lipstick and blot: Now, apply your new matte lipstick from the middle and spread it outwards. Follow this up by blotting your lipstick on a tissue to get rid of excessive lipstick. For daylong lipstick, apply a second coat.

Keep your skin looking fresh: So as not to give the impression of wearing excessive makeup, pair your matte lipstick shade with a contrasting moisturised base to make your skin glow naturally.

benefits of wearing matte lipstick

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