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Comvita Propolis Tablets PFL15 contain Propolis which is a natural substance that comes from the resin produced by trees as part of their defence system.  Honeybees collect the sap, mix in beeswax and enzymes, and use it to sterilise and seal the hive, protecting it from infection.
Propolis Tablets may be considered as additional insurance against infection. Taken daily, they'll boost the body's immune response to colds, bronchial complaints and stomach ulcers, as well as provide vital anti-oxidant protection. Take daily to maintain balance in the immune system and as a strong antioxidant section.
Comvita Propolis Tablets PFL15 contain the equivalent of 100mg of fresh Propolis per tablet.
Comvita's PFL rating stands for Propolis Flavonoid Level and refers to the concentration of flavonoids (also known as bioflavonoids) in the recommended daily dose. Flavonoids are powerful, free-radical scavengers that give strong support to the human body's natural immune system at the cellular level and assist with cell regeneration.
PFL15 will deliver at least 15mg of flavonoids per recommended daily dose. 
Comvita's PFL is certified by an accredited, independent laboratory.
Comvita Propolis comes from unspoilt areas of New Zealand and South America where deciduous trees produce resin to protect their young buds and exposed areas. Honeybees gather the resin on their back legs and carry it to the hive where they mix it with beeswax and enzymes to make Propolis. Propolis sterilises and seals the hive, protecting it from bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Thus Propolis is known as nature's best defence.
Packaged in New Zealand
Comvita sources the highest quality ingredients from New Zealand and around the world.  This product is packed in New Zealand from imported and New Zealand sourced ingredients.  We trust you will be absolutely satisfied with the quality of this product.  If not, we will respond promptly to any concern you may have.
WARNING: Bee Propolis may cause severe allergic reactions.  If irritation or swelling of the throat or mouth occurs, discontinue use.
PREGNANCY: Consult your healthcare professional.


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